UFO Reports

UFO reports come in many guises: anomalous lights in the sky, landing traces, alien abductions, aerial encounters reported by pilots, radar-visual cases, and a plethora of other forms. But reports of UFO crash-retrievals are the most significant of all. In his latest book Majic Eyes Only, Ryan Wood reveals to the reader the details of a […]

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UFO Evidence

What, you might ask, constitutes proof of UFO reality? Is a credible sighting made by trained observers sufficient to establish that aliens are among us? What about an encounter that is reported by a high-flying pilot and is subsequently corroborated via ground-based radar? Does that constitute sufficient evidence? Certainly, this evidence means something; but many

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Extraterrestrial Intelligence

If extraterrestrial life exists, then the biggest question of all must surely be: does that life possess advanced intelligence? Ryan Wood’s latest book Majic Eyes Only presents convincing evidence that extraterrestrial intelligence is significantly more advanced than that of humankind. For example, a leaked letter of 27 February, 1942, written by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to

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UFO Sightings

On 24 June, 1947, pilot Kenneth Arnold observed nine elliptical objects flying over the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. He described their movement as “like a saucer skipping on water” and said the objects appeared to be convex and thin in cross section, like a “disc” or “pie pan.” From his description, the press quickly

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UFO Research

When dealing with a subject as controversial and groundbreaking as the crashed UFO issue, there is no responsible substitute for rigorous, in-depth research. Ryan Wood has spent countless hours researching formerly classified UFO and Intelligence files at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland, in pursuit of leads and data that he was able to

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Extraterrestrial Evidence

Skeptics often ask, with respect to UFOs: “Where is the evidence?” Unfortunately, many within the skeptical camp simply fail to do their own research, preferring to pontificate from the comfort of their couch about why UFOs do not exist and therefore cannot crash to earth. In Majic Eyes Only, however, Ryan Wood provides the evidence for

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UFO Facts

According to the skeptical scientific community and many within the mainstream media, UFOs are not alien craft; aliens are not visiting our planet; they have not crashed to Earth; and, therefore, they and their craft have never been recovered by the U.S. military. The stunning facts as revealed in Ryan Wood’s Majic Eyes Only, however, tell

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UFO Crashes

Any mention of crashed UFOs inevitably conjures images of the famed incident at Roswell, New Mexico in the summer of 1947 where, according to numerous former and retired military and intelligence personnel, the U.S. Government recovered both a crashed UFO and a number of alien bodies that it then quickly, and secretly, transferred to one

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UFO Crash Sites

Ryan Wood’s Majic Eyes Only goes farther than any other extant publication in revealing the details of 74 UFO crash-retrievals, spanning more than a century from 1897 to the present. In a tour-de-force of original research, the book sets forth detailed data on the physical locations where those UFOs and their extraterrestrial crews crashed to Earth. From

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UFO Proof

Few could dispute that the one thing that would finally lay the UFO mystery to rest and utterly confirm its extraterrestrial origins in the minds of the public, the media, and the mainstream scientific community would be hard, physical proof – either in the form of an alien corpse or a crashed UFO. But until

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In the summer of 1947, an unusual object – characterized by some as technology not of this earth – crashed in the blisteringly hot and barren desert of New Mexico. The event prompted secret investigations within the U.S. military and government as well as public investigations by independent researchers, becoming the subject of numerous books,

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UFO Books

Over more than half a century, literally thousands of books and countless words have been written on various aspects of the UFO phenomenon, including crashed UFOs; alien abductions; UFO landings; crop circles; pilot encounters; the Contactee movement; and cattle mutilations, to name just a few. But it is Ryan Wood’s recent book Majic Eyes Only

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