by Ryan S. Wood

MAJIC EYES ONLY presents an unparalleled exploration of UFO crash incidents around the globe, spanning from 1897 to modern times all in an authoritative chronicle. This definitive work reports on 104 compelling cases, each bolstered by a wealth of evidence including official documents, eyewitness accounts, and occasionally, physical evidence. The author masterfully navigates through these intriguing incidents, offering the reader an in-depth journey into the hidden history of UFO government cover-ups.

Since 1984, multiple sources have leaked or revealed a staggering 3,500 pages of UFO-related documents many bearing a Top-Secret classification and linked to Majestic-12. Many are original documents authenticated through forensic testing. National Archives documents along with the MJ-12 leaks and the comprehensive data from the meticulous investigations by seasoned experts, form the backbone of this book, presenting a robust collection of UFO crash incidents. The unparalleled and validating testimony of whistleblower Major David Grusch indicates that UFO crashes are no longer mysteries, but likely real incidents.

Majic Eyes Only Book Cover

Book Summary

The Leading Chronicle on UFOs

You be the judge as you pour through official documents, evidence and eyewitness reports of UFO's crashes since 1897.

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