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Why / how can advanced ET technology crash?

If we assume that a UFO represents physical technology of non-human origin, then it is reasonable to assume that it might be fallible in the same sense that our most advanced aerospace technology is fallible. Human airplanes and spacecraft crash on a regular basis, for a wide range of reasons including technical failure, weather disruption and sometimes hostility. While an alien spacecraft might be orders of magnitude more capable than any human-made craft, that alien craft has presumably traversed vast distances in space, or possibly traveled through a dimensional portal or wormhole, encountering untold stresses in the process. Such a craft, however capable, could conceivably fail under extreme duress. If so, it could crash, just as surely as any human counterpart. The aliens, whoever they may be, are probably not infallible.

How can such crashes be kept secret? Who manages the secrecy?

If UFOs – aka extraterrestrial spacecraft – have crashed on earth, then there are several kinds of people who might know this has happened. One kind is civilians who witness the event by chance. Another kind is military or government personnel called in to manage cleanup and recovery of the crashed device. Independent researchers generally assume that long-standing government policy, both in the U.S. and elsewhere, mandates that the public is to be dissuaded from believing the event is of genuine “alien” origin, by any means necessary. Those means begin with blanket denial: the event never happened, regardless of evidence. Denial is amplified by the official supposition that aliens cannot get here, even if they exist – distances are too great, and light-speed is probably impossible – even if such suppositions run contrary to current scientific understanding. When simple denial fails, intimidation takes over: those who insist aliens are here are clearly (a) lying; (b) seeking fame and fortune by devious means; (c) crazy; or (d) undermining national security, requiring official retribution. Fear of such retribution is often cited as a main reason that UFO witnesses are reluctant to talk. As to “who” orchestrates such secrecy, that task evidently falls to a very limited number of people within the intelligence community who hold extraordinary levels of security clearance, far above Top Secret. A group known as Majestic 12 (MJ-12) has been identified by some researchers as the government entity that ultimately manages UFO information.

Where did the Majestic documents come from?

Research indicates that an above-top-secret scientific committee called Majestic 12 was created in 1947 by executive order of President Harry Truman to investigate and manage UFO events and evidence. This Top Secret Research and Development Intelligence Gathering Agency is credited with creating a number of reports and security classified memos collectively known as the Majestic documents. Key among these is an 8-page memo that first emerged on a role of film sent anonymously to UFO researcher Jaime Shandera in 1984. Other related documents were subsequently discovered by researchers Bill Moore, Stanton Friedman, Tim Cooper and Don Berliner, among others. Cooper in particular has brought forth important documents which he claims to have received by mail from a source known as Thomas Cantwheel, with whom he briefly met in person. Cantwheel (probably a pseudonym) at the time was in his 90s and retired from a long career in intelligence and counterintelligence at the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit (IPU). As to why Cantwheel would trust Cooper, it is supposed that Cantwheel knew Cooper’s father, Harry Bob Cooper, who in turn received an official commendation for contributions to “the U.S. Air Force’s UFO Program.”

What is MJ-12?

MJ-12, aka Majestic 12, is an above-top-secret committee of scientists, military and government personnel created by executive order of President Harry Truman on September 24, 1947 for the purpose of investigating and managing UFO crash retrievals and related events and materials. Researchers believe this committee has remained in continuous existence since its founding. Since many presidents are thought not to be privy to UFO truth, it is not clear to whom MJ-12 reports; nor can its current membership or scope of activities be known with any accuracy.

Why are UFO crash retrievals important?

If a physical UFO – that is, an alien craft – were to crash and be recovered by humans, its importance would be essentially immeasurable. First, it would establish beyond doubt that aliens are physically visiting the earth, settling the perennial question, “Are we alone?” More importantly, it would provide insight into technologies that are likely centuries, if not millennia, more advanced than our own, with potentially incalculable repercussions across many areas of inquiry including energy, propulsion, communications, life support, materials science, and more. In short, one indisputable UFO retrieval would permanently alter our understanding of humankind’s place and stature in the intelligent universe.

Are there any unimpeachable sources of UFO information?

Probably not at this time, because the UFO topic has been shrouded in official secrecy, denial and deceit for many decades, ostensibly in defense of national security. In this atmosphere, even the most sincere and authoritative sources might have conflicting agendas, and might not know the complete truth themselves. Until fear and suspicion are removed from the UFO topic – hardly likely in our time – no one can fully trust any single source of UFO data. That said, certain UFO-related documents discovered after exhaustive searching in the National Archives stand perhaps the best chance of being unimpeachably true.

How does one determine the authenticity of an alleged UFO crash?

This author has identified seven criteria which, if rigorously satisfied, suggest the likelihood of authenticity. These are (1) eyewitnesses: if they directly observed elements of the event, if they were trained observers, if they possessed some expertise that would enhance their understanding of such an event, then their testimony could be deemed highly credible; (2) sources: did the document or information in question originate from an inherently credible source such as the National Archives; (3) Zingers: does the document or information contain any inherent errors, defects or special markings that would not likely show up in a forgery; (4) content: is the content consistent with previously authenticated source materials as to style, language, unusual details, historical setting, individuals mentioned, etc.; (5) chronology: does the event timeline square with other authenticated records of the time, were the people involved known to be present or available as claimed, etc. (6) forensics: testing of material evidence such as soil samples, analysis of document style, typography, ink and paper characteristics, unique terminology or spellings, etc. (7) anachronisms: out-of-place items that shed doubt on authenticity, such as story elements that contradict known history, improper designation of military personnel or procedures, improper writing style, etc. The goal is no anachronisms.

Where does SETI fit into the UFO controversy?

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, or SETI, is an officially sanctioned scientific project utilizing radio astronomy to monitor electromagnetic emanations from deep space in an effort to identify intelligent signals. SETI research has been conducted by Harvard University, the University of California at Berkeley, and the SETI Institute, among others, with funding from the U.S. government as well as private sources. SETI champion Dr. Carl Sagan was a vociferous denier of UFO reality, and his position still defines the SETI-UFO divide. In turn, most UFO researchers regard SETI as little more than a scientific joke.

Does the president know the truth about UFOs?

Probably not, although some presidents might have known more than others. Example: General Dwight Eisenhower, as U.S. Army Chief of Staff during the UFO wave of 1947, might well have been briefed on the UFO topic prior to his presidency. Researchers generally assume that most presidents are not granted sufficient security clearance to be told the whole truth about UFOs.

Where and what is the physical evidence from UFO crashes?

Although small bits of unusual material have occasionally been claimed as UFO evidence, there is no provably authentic piece of a physical UFO in public hands. How authentic does it need to be? Ten scientists studying for years with lots of peer-reviewed papers, or two scientist with one paper? What does it take to get a New York Times front page article?

Research indicates that U.S. military and government personnel have on several occasions been called in to clean up the remains of a crashed UFO. It is assumed that the clean-up process is extremely rigorous, similar in scope to a nuclear accident clean-up, with the intent that no shred of UFO debris ever be overlooked. The question then becomes: Where does the recovered debris go? It is thought that there are several highly secure repositories of UFO-related material. Likely locations include Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio, and Area 51 in central Nevada. The exact nature of the sequestered evidence is not known but is assumed to include pieces of metal or other materials ostensibly from the hull or main structure of the craft. It is also claimed that bodies have been recovered from one or more UFO crash sites, and these bodies are likewise thought to be preserved at a secure repository such as Area 51.