Mountain Mail

Ben Moffett of the Mountain Mail serving Socorro & Catron Counties wrote a reviewed Majic Eyes Only. Here is some of what Moffett wrote in his review: “Majic Eyes Only, has a six-page chapter entitled ‘San Antonio, USA 1945, and a three-page chapter, ‘Nogal Canyon, N.M, May 1947’ and tow pages on the ‘Plains of

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MAJIC EYES ONLY: Earth’s Encounters with Extraterrestrial Technology – by Ryan S. Wood

Here we have a surprise book that dashes the simple idea that the publicized Roswell “crash” was a rare event. This hardback book takes advantage of some photo pages to provide full color examples of “leaked documents” that support the evidence of testimony of multiples recoveries of downed unidentified objects. Ryan Wood has leveraged the

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Exempt From Disclosure

This book goes far, far beyond the typical UFO books which dwell on lights in the sky or someone’s autobiography. Even if only a small fraction of the reported UFO crashes are true this is still worth the read. Not to be read once, but perhaps several times then to be used as a reference

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UFO Magazine

In the April, 2006 issue of UFO Magazine Robert Bletchman, a retired Connecticut attorney, MUFON public relations director and long time researcher of MJ-12 documents reviews Ryan Wood’s book Majic Eyes Only: Earth’s Encounters With Extraterrestrial Technology. Here is some of what Bletchman says: “Wood recognizes that the end of the so-called cosmic Watergate will

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Mount Shasta Magazine

Ryan S. Wood is a lecturer, teacher and authority on government intelligence around extraterrestrial incidents. His father, Robert Wood, was also involved in the field of UFOlogy, investigating the physics of UFOs in work for McDonnell Douglas. Like the field of parapsychology or PSI, UFOlogy and matters of Extraterrestrial visitations to Earth is a topic

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