MAJIC EYES ONLY: Earth’s Encounters with Extraterrestrial Technology – by Ryan S. Wood

Here we have a surprise book that dashes the simple idea that the publicized Roswell “crash” was a rare event. This hardback book takes advantage of some photo pages to provide full color examples of “leaked documents” that support the evidence of testimony of multiples recoveries of downed unidentified objects.

Ryan Wood has leveraged the results of his leadership in presenting three “UFO Crash Retrieval” conferences in the last three years. It is a fascinating set of 75 reports of recovery or downing of possible extraterrestrial craft, chronologically arranged since 1897. The reports are actually quite conservative, not claiming more than where the evidence goes. Some have been investigated in great detail and others are short reports of high credibility that cry out for more investigation.

Why would advanced civilizations send such imperfect vehicles that they would crash? Evident in the reports is the possibility that we used some of our weaponry to shoot them down in order to capture the craft and assess the advanced technology they certainly represented. For example, proximity fuses for anti-aircraft shell were being developed at roughly the time of the Roswell 1947 events.

Fortunately, the author has included some of the original leaked documents for the reader to evaluate himself, such as the April 1954 era Special Operations Manual, “Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal,” with the first mention of Area 51 S-4.

Mr. Wood has taken the trouble to provide a helpful index for those researchers who want to dig deeper into cross-references. Typographical errors are few if any, promoting confidence in the carefulness of the reporting. Each little chapter has its own references – very helpful.

Two negative attributes might be the price of $29.95 and the absence of a current speculation of what is going on today; but these are offset by the fact that it is hardback, has a good photos section, is extremely readable, and is a stunning, comprehensive testimonial to the certain presence of multiple recoveries of downed flying saucers. It has a nice cover design, would look good on your coffee table. Buy it now.

Your totally objective book reviewer,

Dr. Bob Wood, father of the author
Retired aerospace manager and UFO researcher