Mountain Mail


Ben Moffett of the Mountain Mail serving Socorro & Catron Counties wrote a reviewed Majic Eyes Only. Here is some of what Moffett wrote in his review:

“Majic Eyes Only, has a six-page chapter entitled ‘San Antonio, USA 1945, and a three-page chapter, ‘Nogal Canyon, N.M, May 1947’ and tow pages on the ‘Plains of San Agustin, July 1947. It also has chapters, some brief, on Aztec, Santa Rosa, Clovis, San Miguel County and, not surprisingly, Roswell, nine pages on the July 1947 UFO incident. The last page is devoted entirely to footnotes. Wood also said that ‘the fundamental problem with the UFO field is one of credibility and two things need to be addressed – proof in the form of hardware and credible evidence, hence the focus of the book.”