UFO Magazine


In the April, 2006 issue of UFO Magazine Robert Bletchman, a retired Connecticut attorney, MUFON public relations director and long time researcher of MJ-12 documents reviews Ryan Wood’s book Majic Eyes Only: Earth’s Encounters With Extraterrestrial Technology. Here is some of what Bletchman says:

“Wood recognizes that the end of the so-called cosmic Watergate will only occur when unequivocal evidence of the physical reality of the flying saucer or its alien occupants is obtained. So he orients his book to the nuts and bolts of the UFO phenomena. And it is that pursuit that animates this quest. He has provided the next best thing, documents, both those with certified provenance and those that satisfy the most comprehensive analysis available. When the smirking skeptic fails in his claims of fraudulence the proponent of the claim wins and the proof is established. Wood’s strict adherence to analytic criteria results in the only proof presently available.”

“This book presupposes that the reader is grounded in the legend and the lore of the UFO phenomena. I think Wood would agree with Stanton Friedman, who coined the phrase: ‘UFOs are simple hardware from elsewhere.’ Science with a capital S is not the only venue to establish proof of fact. The law, which increasing touches every aspect of life, also provides a vehicle. Thorough the legal maxim that ‘the soul of the law is reason,’ has evolved a structure called the best-evidence rule, which requires the proponent of the original document to produce that very document if it is accessible. But such a rule doesn’t require foolish activity or frustrate a bono fide pursuit. If an original is not available a copy will do. The criteria set out to authenticate the copy then must be stringent and comprehensive. Wood has satisfied the tests established. He has proved his document claims. That doesn’t mean that he is necessarily correct, only that the burden has shifted to the skeptic.”