UFO Reports

UFO reports come in many guises: anomalous lights in the sky, landing traces, alien abductions, aerial encounters reported by pilots, radar-visual cases, and a plethora of other forms. But reports of UFO crash-retrievals are the most significant of all.

In his latest book Majic Eyes Only, Ryan Wood reveals to the reader the details of a stunning 74 crashed UFO reports that span both the centuries and the continents. Citing never-before-seen documentation and the words of courageous witnesses and government insiders, Wood skillfully demonstrates that research into reports of UFO crash-retrievals represent the greatest opportunity for resolving the mystery of the unidentified flying object.

Never before have so many crashed-UFO reports, with accompanying corroborative testimony and documentation, been collected into one comprehensive source for the benefit of anyone and everyone intrigued by this aspect of the overall UFO puzzle. In addition, Wood has established rigorous criteria for evaluating the likely authenticity of each case, lending special credence to those cases that stand up to close scrutiny.

Many readers will be amazed by the sheer number and variety of cases presented in  Majic Eyes Only. For every “classic” example like Roswell, there are many others, less known but equally impressive: the Aztec, New Mexico affair of 1948; the Spitzbergen incident of 1952; the Las Vegas encounter of 1962; the disturbing Chihuahua, Mexico event of 1974 in which a UFO may have collided with a private plane; the strange story of what happened in the aftermath of a UFO at Somaliland in 1996; and many more, finally presented in one authoritative volume.