UFO Evidence

What, you might ask, constitutes proof of UFO reality? Is a credible sighting made by trained observers sufficient to establish that aliens are among us? What about an encounter that is reported by a high-flying pilot and is subsequently corroborated via ground-based radar? Does that constitute sufficient evidence? Certainly, this evidence means something; but many would argue that only physical materials – either in the form of an alien body or crash-recovered alien technology – could be considered definitive UFO evidence.

Within the pages of Majic Eyes Only, Ryan Wood reveals numerous examples of hard, physical UFO evidence that has been held by elements of the U.S. Government, military, and intelligence world for decades. Wood has uncovered details of an astonishing 74 UFO crash cases which, when examined collectively, demonstrate that while UFO evidence may still seem elusive to the general public, the media and mainstream science, within the world of official secrets such UFO evidence most assuredly does exist.

Majic Eyes Only provides ample UFO evidence in the form of on-the-record eyewitness accounts of alien bodies held in cryogenic storage in a number of underground military facilities. The book also reveals hard physical evidence pertaining to recovered UFOs, materials and crash debris, again tightly held by the military at a variety of secure installations.

Time and again, Ryan Wood’s book demonstrates that UFO evidence does exist. It is just a matter of knowing where to find it.