UFO Proof

Few could dispute that the one thing that would finally lay the UFO mystery to rest and utterly confirm its extraterrestrial origins in the minds of the public, the media, and the mainstream scientific community would be hard, physical proof – either in the form of an alien corpse or a crashed UFO.

But until the day arrives when such proof is officially disclosed by the governmental, military and intelligence institutions that have long been its keepers, how might we best go about acquiring such proof and validating its existence?

The skeptic would say that no such proof can be revealed because no such proof exists. Majic Eyes Only strongly demonstrates otherwise. Indeed, author Ryan Wood is convinced that the proof for the existence of a genuine UFO reality on our planet has been confirmed by the governments of numerous nations – but that those same governments have elected to keep this earth-shattering reality strictly under wraps.

Numerous credible accounts concerning recovered alien spacecraft, crash debris, alien corpses and body parts, advanced acquired technology, and official and leaked documents are all cited within the 303 information-packed pages of Majic Eyes Only, providing glimpses of precisely the sort of proof that the skeptics maintain is sorely lacking.

Ryan Wood makes a powerful, persuasive case for the existence of UFOs and their alien crews. Despite the fact that the U.S. Government refuses to publicly confirm or reveal the existence of such proof, Majic Eyes Only discloses a number of locations where the most convincing proof is likely sequestered, far from prying eyes, including Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio; and Area 51 in central Nevada.

To paraphrase The X-Files: The Proof Is Out There.