In the summer of 1947, an unusual object – characterized by some as technology not of this earth – crashed in the blisteringly hot and barren desert of New Mexico. The event prompted secret investigations within the U.S. military and government as well as public investigations by independent researchers, becoming the subject of numerous books, television documentaries, a movie, and intense media coverage and speculation, and leaving in its wake a legacy of controversy and intrigue that continues to reverberate nearly seventy years later. It has come to be known as the Roswell Incident.

In his latest book Majic Eyes Only, Ryan Wood devotes much space to a discussion of what is without doubt the most comprehensively investigated UFO crash case of all time. Citing leaked documents from official sources, on-the-record testimony from first-hand witnesses to the wreckage and bodies at Roswell, scientific revelations, and the notable words of high-ranking military personnel, Ryan Wood leaves the reader in no doubt that a vehicle and occupants of extraterrestrial origin crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Equally important, Wood utterly demolishes any notion that weather balloons, crash test dummies or secret military weapons crashed at Roswell on that fateful day.

For those seeking a solid, no-nonsense study of the Roswell Incident that keeps speculation to a minimum and simply follows the astonishing facts, Majic Eyes Only delivers. The book includes a number of intriguing, previously-unseen photographs that may have been taken by the military at the Roswell crash site. As Ryan Wood notes in his book with respect to these particular photographs: “The debris clearly rests in a landscape identical to that in New Mexico where the Roswell crashes reportedly occurred. This may be the first public view of a crashed UFO.”