UFO Books

Over more than half a century, literally thousands of books and countless words have been written on various aspects of the UFO phenomenon, including crashed UFOs; alien abductions; UFO landings; crop circles; pilot encounters; the Contactee movement; and cattle mutilations, to name just a few. But it is Ryan Wood’s recent book Majic Eyes Only that has truly broken new ground.

Expertly researched and written, exhaustively referenced, and packed with historic photographs and sensitive government documents, Majic Eyes Only is the most comprehensive study of crashed UFO incidents ever published.

If you thought that the famous 1947 UFO crash at Roswell was a singular event, you would be wrong. In 303 information-packed pages, Ryan Wood’s Majic Eyes Only reveals to the reader the known details of 74 UFO crash-retrievals dating from 1897 to the present day.

Addressing not only the better-known cases but also some that have never before been discussed in public, Ryan Wood reveals to the reader essential data on the history of crashed UFOs, as well as the ways and means by which the U.S. Government – along with governments of numerous other nations – has systematically hidden this astounding evidence from the public and the media.

Recovered UFOs, dead aliens, reverse-engineering of UFO technology, official government files on UFOs, and credible whistleblower-derived testimony and documentation are just some of the important topics covered within the pages of Majic Eyes Only, making this the premier, must-read book for anyone who is intrigued by the complexities of the crashed UFO controversy.