UFO Crash Sites

Ryan Wood’s Majic Eyes Only goes farther than any other extant publication in revealing the details of 74 UFO crash-retrievals, spanning more than a century from 1897 to the present. In a tour-de-force of original research, the book sets forth detailed data on the physical locations where those UFOs and their extraterrestrial crews crashed to Earth.

From a remote hillside near the hamlet of Aurora, Texas where, in 1897, a “cigar-shaped” UFO allegedly crashed, to the sprawling Foster Ranch in central New Mexico where the Roswell event of 1947 occurred; from the dense jungles of Bolivia to the cold mountains of North Wales; from the depths of the Pacific Ocean to the wilds of the former Soviet Union, Majic Eyes Only reveals location after location where UFOs have been recovered by government, military, and intelligence-based agencies of many nations around the world.

For anyone wanting to understand the full extent and variety of UFO crash sites, or even visit such locations in person, Majic Eyes Only is the perfect guide. Moreover, the book includes photographs believed to have been taken by elements of the U.S. military at UFO crash sites on the White Sands Proving Ground in the summer of 1947, and at Roswell, New Mexico in that same time-frame.