UFO Facts

According to the skeptical scientific community and many within the mainstream media, UFOs are not alien craft; aliens are not visiting our planet; they have not crashed to Earth; and, therefore, they and their craft have never been recovered by the U.S. military. The stunning facts as revealed in Ryan Wood’s Majic Eyes Only, however, tell a very different story. Consider, for example, the Roswell Incident of 1947.

FACT: In July 1947, the then-U.S. Army Air Force did confirm – publicly, via an official press release – that it had recovered a “Flying Disc” of mysterious origin near Roswell, New Mexico.

FACT: The U.S. military has modified its stance on Roswell no less than four times: in July 1947 the military stated it had recovered a Flying Saucer. This statement was quickly retracted and replaced by claims that the wreckage was merely a weather balloon. In 1994, the U.S. Air Force retracted the weather-balloon scenario and asserted that the device that crashed at Roswell was a top-secret Mogul Balloon, utilized in the detection of Soviet atomic bomb explosions. In 1997, the Air Force finally commented on the allegation that alien bodies were found at Roswell, maintaining that the bodies were merely crash-test dummies.

FACT: The crash-test dummies – which the Air Force asserted were responsible for the tales of alien bodies found at Roswell – were not used until the early 1950s, more than half a decade after Roswell.

FACT: Many accounts of crashed UFOs come from high-ranking military sources, including Major Jesse Marcel of the 509th Bomb Group at Roswell; and Colonel Philip J. Corso, who claimed to have worked with advanced alien technology found at Roswell.

FACT: The late U.S. Congressman from New Mexico, Steven Schiff, was stonewalled by the Air Force in the 1990s when he attempted to unravel the truth about the Roswell events of 1947.