Extraterrestrial Evidence

Skeptics often ask, with respect to UFOs: “Where is the evidence?” Unfortunately, many within the skeptical camp simply fail to do their own research, preferring to pontificate from the comfort of their couch about why UFOs do not exist and therefore cannot crash to earth.

In Majic Eyes Only, however, Ryan Wood provides the evidence for the reality of numerous UFO crashes. Indeed, some of the most compelling evidence in support of UFO crash-retrievals has been recovered from the National Archives through exercise of the Freedom of Information Act.

For example, Wood’s book reveals many documents – including State Department telegrams and CIA memoranda – that refer to the crash of an object described as “egg-shaped, metal and about four meters in diameter” on Taire Mountain, Bolivia in 1978. Not only that: further evidence extracted from the official files suggests that “a flying saucer squadron” had been seen in the same vicinity and during the same timeframe as that crash.

Ryan Wood also cites other forms of extraterrestrial evidence within his book, including leaked files from insider whistleblowers that have been forensically analyzed by expert document authenticators.

In addition, Majic Eyes Only provides evidence of colossal cover-ups put into place to hide the truth of UFO crashes – including on-the-record testimony of numerous witnesses to UFO crashes who had been physically threatened and intimidated into silence by government and military personnel.

More than 50 photographs and illustrations – some published for the first time – further enrich the reader’s understanding of key players and events in the crashed UFO saga. The appendix contains a number of groundbreaking documents, including the 6-page Intelligence Assessment from the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit (IPU) and the full text of the sensational Special Operations Manual (SOM1-01), subtitled Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal. SOM1-01 is accompanied by a separate discussion of its authenticity.