UFO Research

When dealing with a subject as controversial and groundbreaking as the crashed UFO issue, there is no responsible substitute for rigorous, in-depth research. Ryan Wood has spent countless hours researching formerly classified UFO and Intelligence files at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland, in pursuit of leads and data that he was able to put to good use in his latest book, Majic Eyes Only.

One of the most intriguing officially declassified documents found by Wood during his research at the National Archives, titled “Unknown Missile in Mexico” and dated 17 October, 1947, reads thus: “Investigation of the unknown missile which landed near Guadeloupe on 12 October 1947 has failed, thus far, to identify it as a V-2, GAPA or other type of guided missile. Careful check by USAF, Ordnance, and Navy indicates that no missiles were fired from Alamogordo Special Range or White Sands Proving Ground on 12 October 1947.”

Were it not for Ryan Wood’s diligent research, this important document would have remained buried deep within the vaults of the National Archives. Now, thanks to that research, readers of Majic Eyes Only can learn that this case was never satisfactorily resolved, much to the vexation of Mexican authorities, lending credence to the supposition that the “missile” in question was not of human origin. And this is only one of many provocative cases that Wood has uncovered.

Ryan Wood’s research has also included: (a) the employment of highly skilled remote-viewers to target UFO crash sites; (b) the utilization of document-authentication experts as part of his quest to determine the truth about the leaked MJ-12 documents; (c) the tracking down of retired military and intelligence personnel; and (d) the filing of numerous Freedom of Information Act requests for data on key players in the crashed UFO field. The startling results of that body of research can be found within the pages of Majic Eyes Only.