Executive Director Paradigm Research Group Reviews Majic Eyes Only

sbassettWith MAJIC Eyes Only Ryan Wood has made a major contribution not only to the study of extraterrestrial-related phenomena, but to exopolitics. The political and social implications of the technology embedded in the off-world craft recovered by several nations, including the United States, are almost beyond measure. The energy and propulsion systems behind the known performance characteristics of these vehicles could transform the human condition and reverse in less than a generation the environmental degradation taking place worldwide. Evidence mounts the United States government has re- or reverse-engineered this technology. But its availability to all of humanity is blocked by a 58-year truth embargo alluded to in documents leaked over several decades from within the government itself. Ryan Wood and his father, aerospace physicist Dr. Robert Wood, have emerged as the leading experts in the world on these documents and the recovery of alien crashed vehicles. This is absolutely essential reading for every member of Congress and every member of the political press in America. The well being of the planet and the human race rests upon getting at technology held hostage by a truth embargo the United States government still refuses to end.

РStephen Bassett, Executive Director