James O. Berkland, Geologist Editor SYZYGY Newsletter

jimberklandI have just read Ryan Wood’s landmark book, MAJIC Eyes Only and I was much impressed with his objective perspective and the wealth of data he has presented. I have been on the periphery of UFO studies and had no idea that at least 74 crash sites had been reported, many with discussions of occupants. Ryan leaves little doubt about which reports are poorly documented or are probably hoaxes.

I have recognized Ryan as a thorough scientific investigator during the 1990’s when we worked together on earthquake prediction studies. It was rewarding to read the summaries of so many UFO reports, which were new to me, especially Penkridge England (1964) and Kecksburg, Pennsylvania (1965). I would liked to have seen more than a page and one-half description of the important 1980 Rendlesham Forest incident, which caught my attention on a transatlantic flight back from England in 1984. A fellow passenger left his copy of the SUNDAY MIRROR, with a thorough front page item about U.S. and English military forces involvement with an apparent extraterrestrial contact. I telephoned Stan Friedman about the article and he exclaimed, “Oh, no, they’ve done it again!” He informed me that the SUNDAY MIRROR was little more than a tabloid, and the “secret” story he had been investigating had apparently been officially “leaked” to a questionable news source so that the story could be discounted by debunkers.

Majic Eyes Only provides a quick reference to the chronology of crash reports since 189 7 . Also presented are many copies of “Top Secret” documents, many of which have been well-authenticated by Ryan and others. This book is well-organized and well-written and it should be in the library of anyone even mildly interested in the subject of UFO’s,

-James O. Berkland, Geologist
Editor SYZYGY Newsletter